What is a lead?

usersWhat do we consider a lead?

A lead is a unique request for bankruptcy help from someone in your targeted area (not someone outside your state, country, etc) that came as a result of a call or email from our website.


Basically our job is getting that person, interested in bankruptcy, to your door step. Once there, you have the opportunity to convert that visitor into a paying client.


Good lead examples (non-inclusive):

    • “Can I get a free bankruptcy consultation?”
    • “How much does filing chapter 7/13 cost?”
    • “I have a question about bankruptcy, is there someone to talk to…”

Bad lead examples(non-inclusive)

    • A potential client who calls back multiple times for any reason.
    • Cannot contact the person with either their phone number or email address  (the email bounces back) etc.
    • Someone outside your targeted area. (These can still come from different sources, referrals, SEO, social media, but do you no good because they are too far away).
    • Solicitations.
    • Other:  If you ever have a question about a lead, forward it to us.

How does Sebo check to validate leads?

  1. Email:  When a form is filled out on the website, both you and we get that email solicitation for a free consultation.  We check through each of these to determine if they are valid or not, looking for spam, off topic issues, etc.
  2. Calls: At the end of each month, we filter through phone calls to see which are valid leads.  We remove calls coming from the same number, un-answered, or unique calls unrelated to “requests for Bankruptcy help”.
  3. If you receive a lead that looked valid, but turns out to be bad,  forward it to us. Examples include:
    • Both the phone number and the email are invalid.
    • Duplicate email requests (usually easy to spot side by side, but if one came in the month before let us know.  So far we’ve never seen this.)
    • The lead is not serviceable because they are outside your defined area (may have gotten the lead from a referral site, etc)
    • etc.

When I get an incoming call, how do I know it’s from the website?

There is a feature called “Whisper text”.  It is free, (off by default).  When turned on, you hear a brief word or phrase right before the caller comes on the line.  Example:  “Sebo Bankruptcy” (or what ever you want).  That way it gives you or those answering the phone a second to prepare a focused greeting,  Example:

Hi, this is <firm name>…, bankruptcy center,  how can I help you?”

This way you have a better chance of building a confident start and a great first impression.

What reports are available?

Standard Sebo Monthly Reports

Other reports on request only

  • A list of anyone (not filtered, duplicates, spam, etc.) who filled out a form on the website in a given time period. (in a *.csv, or spreadsheet format)
  • Other traffic reports through Google Analytics about traffic on the website (talk to us about what you would like to see)

More Clarification

What do you mean by “your door step”?

When handing off a lead from Sebo to Attorney, where does the responsibility change hands? When does ones responsibility end and the others begin?

If a visitor to the website calls you, we make sure that call successfully gets to you and am responsible when it does not. We mostly take care of all the marketing and technical issues. What we don’t have control over is you and your staffs customer service skills, greeting, friendliness, options given, fat fingering the call and hanging up (I know, I’ve done it), or blind transfers to your attorney where 95% of the time they drop off when they hit an answering machine. Of course we would need to know their intentions before they would be counted as a lead, but the door step of our(you and I) responsibility is where we have access and control over the outcome of the interaction. The following defines when that actually happens:


Once a valid lead is successfully delivered from our mail server, to yours. (Server log entry: status=sent (250 2.0.0 Ok…) If mail isn’t getting to you after that, please contact your mail provider and let us know what information they need, logs, email headers, etc.


When a caller is transferred from our website tracking number to you phones and expresses interest in bankruptcy help (directly, leaving a message to call back).

Example: A caller calls you, and asks how much bankruptcy costs, and the receptionist says roughly $1000 and the person hangs up right away before they can offer any other options. Generally speaking, attorneys who close at least 10% of these types of leads will make money on their advertising expenses. If there are issues, talk to us and we’ll give feedback and best practices (also see some of our blogs).


Blind Transfer – a caller is asked to hold while you transfer them, but no expectations are given about availability, when they might get a call back IF they leave a message, etc. In most cases I’ve monitored, 95% of those drop once they hear the voice mail and never call back (at least not in that monitored month).